Our Goal

Our Goal

The goal of the ACL registry is to improve outcomes for patients undergoing ACL reconstruction in New Zealand

ACL surgeries per year

Data Collection

Collection data on the whole population of patients needing treatment of ACL injuries will enable us to answer many important questions, for example:
Who is most at risk of injuring their ACL?
Are some reconstruction techniques better than others?
Are some people more at risk of reinjury after ACL reconstruction?
What can a ACL injury patient expect following reconstruction and what are the risks for reinjury?

History of the ACL Registry

In October 2013 at its annual meeting, the Knee and Sports Society committed to establishing an ACL registry in New Zealand. The Society funded a pilot study, which designed and implemented an ACL registry. This was initially rolled out using 5 surgeons over a 3-month period. The pilot was a successful means for capturing pre-operative and operative data. The results of this pilot study were presented at the NZOA meeting in 2014.

The ACL registry has now been adopted as the nationwide standard of reporting for ACL surgery. Nationwide patient registration began roll-out in November 2014.